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At Mr. Handy Trucking, we are always looking towards continuous improvement. Our passion has led us to develop the GOAT Moving System which can relocate, move or transport containers and sheds where other movers would not think of.

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(Containers start at $250+ Mileage)

(Sheds start at $400+ Mileage)

Our Process is Simple

While it may seem difficult to move a container or shed without major equipment, our GOAT System allows us to complete most of these tasks simply without damaging your property. Call for a quote today.

Avoid Crane Services

Crane services are expensive and require a large amount of space. They are also quite heavy and can damage driveways and/or landscapes. With the Goat System we can complete your move without damaging your property.

Protect Your Grounds

Moving a container or shed around can damage your landscape and driveway. But with the GOAT System, there is no need to worry about such issues. Our approach is seamless and doesn’t damage any grounds.

Overhead Power Lines

A limiting factor to cranes is power lines. If any exist in the line of your move, you can not complete your move. However, with the GOAT System, we simply go under them.

How It's Work

There are two chief components to the GOAT System


The trailer which can expand from 26 to 45 feet. In addition, the trailer can rotate from a stationary position 180 degrees all from a remote control.


The second component is the GOAT itself, which can place sheds and containers into tight spots with only 6 feet of additional space. The GOAT is also able to deliver into tight height areas as it requires only 6 inches above the moving object's height.

About Us

Michael Rehberg

Michael Rehberg is a serial entrepreneur who began his first business at 22 opening a car audio store. Since then Mr. Rehberg has successfully started up companies in construction where he served as General Contractor of his own firm. After the great recession of 2008 forced him to find other business ventures, Michael refocused his efforts to the shipping industry. There Michael found that there were many inefficiencies that offered opportunities for growth. The primary discovery is that of his GOAT System that allows for the moving of containers and sheds into tight spaces that the status quo movers could not deliver. Today he operates his moving system as Mr. Handy Trucking LLC.


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Mr. Handy Trucking
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Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang
Good work deserves a good recommendation, I appreciate the effort of Mr. Ethan Payne in helping me work from home.... Profits have been made weekly as he promised, I invested $700 and now making $3,200 weekly, All thanks to him and his team. Wouldn’t have been easy, he made me and my family smileContact him viaEmail: ethanpayne700@gmail.comWhatsApp:+44 7862 075181read more
Joe LaBarbera
Joe LaBarbera
this guy can have a pry bar in one hand and a remote in his other to pick up a shed, get it on the trailer in no time
Jamie Griffin
Jamie Griffin
These guys do a amazing job.
Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner
I just had my container moved by these guys and it was absolutely amazing. I got multiple prices from anywhere is from... $600-$2000 to move this container. These guys did it for $365 and it took less than an hour. So so happy!!read more
Dan Fricker
Dan Fricker
Completely professional, good response time both in answering questions/text/messages and also in delivery. And it's... just so much fun to watch the GOAT :)read more
Colin Wheeler
Colin Wheeler
If you need something moved, these guys are awesome. Moved my shed in Phoenix after 3 other companies couldn’t.... Highly recommend Michael and his crew!!read more

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